Tim Petty –  Founder & President

Tim is the founder of the company and serves as its president and senior leader.  His history in the industry dates back to the days of when he was a truck driver for Benton Brothers Film Express.  This type of hands-on experience led him to launch PettyOne from the ground up.


Tim Perry
Justin Sanders

Justin Sanders – Operations Director

Justin is Operations Director for PettyOne, responsible for the day-to-day company functions since joining the company in 2018.  Before coming to PettyOne, he was Executive Team Leader–Logistics for three years with Target Stores.  Prior to that, Justin was part of CSX Transportation’s Management Training Program.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Florida.


Frank Oshman – Courier Operations and Logistics Medical Transportation Manager

Frank is Courier Operations and Logistics Medical Transportation Manager, responsible for customer courier deliveries and compliance matters related to medical transport needs.  He has more than four decades of transportation experience and two decades within PettyOne.


Frank Oshman
Megan Carney

Megan Carney – Head of Sales

Megan is Head of Sales, responsible for customer procurement, freight management, load brokering, accounting and book keeping, and managing the office staff.  She joined the company in 2008.


Kimberly Petty – Accounting Manager

Kimberly Petty is Accounting Manager, responsible for all back office functions, including customer billing and driver payroll.  She joined the company in 2010.


Kimberly Petty

Your PettyOne Team holds a variety of important industry certifications: