900 Canal Street, Suite 100 Jacksonville, FL 32209


Tim Petty – Founder & President

Tim is the founder of the company with over 40 years of transportation experience. His dedication to trucking and logistics has led his team to become one of the most recognized logistics companies in Jacksonville. Our demand for on time/same day service for LTL, truckload and route work continues to provide PettyOne as a premium on time company. Tim’s greatest success is working with many professionals, acquiring superior knowledge of leadership and applying day to day success in our company. Email: tpetty@pettyone.com

Megan Carney – Account Representative – General Manager

Megan, after two years of continued education joined the company in 2008 to follow in her father’s footsteps. She started from the bottom learning logistics and transportation working in every position of the company at PettyOne. After 14 years of working her way up in the company Megan specializes in freight brokering, freight sales, and freight procurement while managing the office staff, payroll, and safety. Every day Megan continues to learn and grow to lead the company in the right direction. Megan enjoys working with people and customers, her problem solving continues to enhance PettyOne and all the employees she has been associated with. Email: mcarney@pettyone.com

Frank Oshman – Manager of Courier Operations & Medical Logistics Transportation (Air & Ground)

Frank offers over 4 decades of experience in customized intercity transportation and provides daily, varying levels of air/ground transportation to many local medical operations and some of the largest companies and organizations in the Jacksonville area. Frank’s philosophy and experience is dedication and capabilities for success within the industries.